A Family Legend

Her father was Cherokee. He told her this story, and this is how she told it, verbatim, to a mutual friend.

Sietch / Sanctuary

I guess the best way to tell you is to tell you the way I was told.

There is a place (that is ~60 mi to the S of you) that for many thousands of years was known as Sanctuary. This Sanctuary existed long before the white man came. This Sanctuary existed before the Tsalgi came. Within the bounds of Sanctuary, all beings were safe. No hunting was permitted within the bounds of Sanctuary, and the only arrowheads that you will find there, have been brought by the white man, who did not respect the peace of the place. Within Sanctuary, many came to heal in its special waters, and much peace was negotiated there. To the North was the Chief’s Mountain, where the leaders of many tribes met to trade, and treat. To the West was the Shaman’s mountain, where the Healers and the mystics of the tribes came to share healing and stories and teachings. To the South and somewhat of the East, lay a great river, which yielded sacred clay, for the making of pots for trade and more. And within a gorge, writ within the sacred Earth, is a prophecy. When the Valley of Vapors was created, the Great Ones came and broke the arrow, signifying that this was a place of peace. The broken arrow, a slash of limestone within the cliff of the gorge, is plain to see. But the Great Ones left a promise also; that they would return, and break the bow; and that Sanctuary which was broken by the white man would return, and peace would return to the land from there.

There remains a watcher always, a Guardian who is bonded to the place who waits for the day that what was fortold will come to be. One who, if necessary, can open the land to those who need a Sanctuary.

There is a beautifully bead worked bag that portrays this legend; and within this bag is an arrowhead (the native), a metal spearhead from a spear from De Soto’s time (the white man) and a Plain’s Native peace pipe.

When the Wheel turns, this I will inherit.

For the practical side- Garland Co and surrounding has incredible amounts of protected water sources, including the springs, in which they dump the excess down the sewers every day . It has many areas that are fairly protected from pollution sources and many rural areas. I would be happy to provide Introductions and tours someday if you would be interested.

Lasarina aka Barbara aka Wyldraven’s partner

And she did inherit, but the bag was gone by that time. Who knows, perhaps it was stolen from her father, and he never realized it. Perhaps it is still somewhere within his hoards waiting to be discovered.


About Janet Logan

Well educated woman, transgender / transsexual, lesbian, Reiki practitioner, LGBT activist, polyamorous, and eclectic Pagan.
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