Barbara Allen (Underwood) Shaw

Barbara Allen (Underwood) Shaw, 48, of Houston Texas, died June 8, 2010.

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I’m like a mother hen. There’s always room under my wing for another heart child. I just add feathers.

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One Hundred and Six

For every one hundred females born into the human race, one hundred and six males are born. Yet, women outnumber men by fifty-one to forty-nine. You my young man have just proven, yet again, why that is true.

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Winter Times

As I am drawn into the cycles
of Winter in other’s lives — so much
unsaid, so much unfulfilled —
Let this be said as Holy Utterances
within the Cathedral of my Soul;
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Demeter’s Lament

Where have you gone my lovely one?
Why do I feel so alone?
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Ten things you never knew about Barbara

1. Kept snakes in the meat keeper of my refrigerator.
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A tribute

Within the first six months of moving to Texas, I was presented on my birthday with a beautiful orange tabby kitten with the greenest eyes that I have ever seen. I had never had a cat before, because my parents hated them and my mother is highly allergic. This sweet, sassy kitten gave so much to me and my family. Continue reading

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